Type the first 3 characters of your Postal Code (eg. T7E) and press ENTER on your keyboard. A forward sortation area (FSA) designates a geographical unit based on the first three characters in a postal code. All postal codes that start with the same three characters—for example, L3V—are together considered an FSA.


Some FSA values do not have corresponding polygons in the current version of this map. If you do not see your FSA in the map please review the table below. There are 47 FSA/Risk values in the table.

G1ALowS7AVery Low
V7ZHighR5LVery Low
G3SHighT6YVery Low
J5NHighS4KVery Low
H4ZLowS7CVery Low
H4YLowR5PVery Low
H5BLowR5NVery Low
H5ALowR5RVery Low
H4TVery LowR5MVery Low
V7XHighR5KVery Low
V7YHighR5TVery Low
K1AVery LowR6TVery Low
V8EVery LowR6PVery Low
L8BVery LowE2RVery Low
L9XVery LowM7AVery Low
N8VVery LowL9EVery Low
M5LVery LowM5XVery Low
M5KVery LowM5WVery Low
M7RVery LowM7YVery Low
L3LVery LowL5TVery Low
L5PVery LowL5SVery Low
T3TVery LowT6NVery Low
R5JVery LowS4MVery Low
S7BVery Low

This Earthquake Risk tool has been developed with the CoreLogic Canada Earthquake Model. The intent of this risk tool is to provide insights into the relative earthquake risk across Canada. This risk considers both the seismic hazard and population at risk in each region.

This ranking is reflective of the seismic hazard described by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and US Geological Survey (USGS) for regions along the US border. Detailed soil maps and an understanding of the National Building Code of Canada and common building practices across the country are incorporated.

Population data from the 2016 Canada Census was used to represent the relative exposure at risk to seismic hazard by forward sorting areas (FSA) across the country. In areas of clear high earthquake hazard risk and low population and building density, an example being coastal regions of Vancouver Island, an additional risk factor was introduced, where the FSA’s earthquake risk relative to the national average was incorporated to inform the earthquake risk rating in regions such as these.

Earthquake Risk Categories

Very High
Very Low

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